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Sunday, 26 March 2017

How to Increase Adsense CPC – Simple 5 Tips

What is Adsense CPC ?
CPC Mean’s Cost Per Click. Let’s I Say Your CPC is 0.5 Now You Can Get a $0.5 Per Click. If CPC is Very High Then Your Income and Click Per Rate is Very High Other Than. The Question is How To Increase CPC And RPM Of Your Website, Which Things Are Related To Increase CPC There Are More Reason For Low CPC. If You Must Try  This Method For Increase Your Adsense Maximum Revenue. 

1: Concentrate On Keywords And Topic.

The Main Fact is Related To The Keywords And Topics. All High Paying Ads Are Display On Your Site If You can Use Very Unique And Important Of Keywords. Keywords are Most Important For Increase Your CPC And RPM Of Your Adsense Accounts. The Questions is How To Check Keyword For The Selected Topic, The Answer is Google Provide a Online Keyword Planner For Check Value Of Keywords And Group Idea Of Google Keyword Planner. Google Keyword Planner Provide a Group Idea and rate Of Keywords, So Please Use Google Keyword Planner And Google Web Master Tools For Best SEO.

2: Allow Block Ads:

In The Google Adsense You Can Find a Block Ads. In This Field You Can Check Which Ads Are Not Paying More Amount Cost Per Click, Then You Have Block This Ads Because If You Block This Ads Then Increase Your CPC And Your Adsense Revenue.

3: Enable Image and Text Ads:

If You Want To Increase Your CPC And Revenue Then You Must Have Enable Image And Text Ads On Your Blogs Or Website. My Experience Say That Image and Text Ads Give a High Paying CPC And Revenue. Some People Like Only Links Ads On Your Website Or Blogs, This Ads Can Not Give a High Rate CPC And RPM Of Your Contents, So Use Large of Image And Text Ads.

4: Country:

One Of The Most Important Factor For Increase CPC is Location. Targeting Country is Very Important Role Of Your CPC.For Example You Have Target Your Website Or Blogs in USA . USA Can Pay Upto $2 To $4 Per Click And Same Things in India Pay Only 20 To 60 Cent Per Click. So, Country Location is Most Important Factor Of Increase High Cost Per Click.

5: Reduce Invalid Click, Artificial Clicks:

Google is Smarter Then You. If You Can Not Cheat Google, So Reduce Invalid Click Activity And Artificial Clicks On Your Website Ads. If You Do This Your Adsense Account is Block And You Have Get a Less CPC.

6: Platform 

Platform is Very Important Factor in SEO. Your Website May be Not Responsive And Mobile Friendly So, Your Layout is Based Rules in Adsense. So Platform is Very Important Like Desktop, Mobile, And Tablets. So make Your Website Responsive And Mobile Friendly.


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