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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Free Google SEO Tools Everyone Must Use And Increase Your Website Traffics

 SEO Means Search Engine Optimizations. Google Provide a Lot's Of Free Online Tools For Check Your Website SEO. First Of All Questions is How To Apply SEO ? Why Requirement Of SEO? How To Affect SEO in Website Traffics And Google Adsense Revenue? Yes, This All Questions Answers is Given in This Post.

Google Search Console is Well Known as Google WebMaster Tools. Google Provide a Lot’s Of Online Tools For Grow Your Website SEO And Website Or Android Applications Traffics. Google Webmaster Tools Provide a Complete Analysis Of Your Website Like Targeting Your Company. In Search Traffics Provide a 6 Options For Check Your Website.

Search Traffics: 

  1. Search Analytic:   Search Analytic Provide a  Data Of Your Website Which Place, Country, And Platform Your Website is Open in The World Give a Google Charts For Analytic For Website Traffics in The Global Level.  
  2. Links To Your Site: This Service Provide a How Many Sites Give Your Website Links in Your Website. This is Also Know As Source Links. There Are Many Website Give Your Website Links in His/Her Website. If Your Contain is Good And Unique That Means Your Search Traffics is Very High Rate. There Are Number Of Site Linking Of Your Website. To Show How Many Site Are Linked To Your Website.
  3. Internal Links: Internal Link Means How Many Links To Your Website. This is Display Number Of Your Internal Links To Your Site.This All Facts Are Most Important For Search Engine Optimizations (SEO).
  4. Manual Actions: This is Give a Complete Reports Of Your Your Website Errors Like a Page Not Found, Report Abuse, Copyright Claim And That Are More Actions.
  5. International Targeting: This Means Your Website is Which Country Targeting. e.x You Will Target Your Website in US. Means Which Location Your Website Uploaded. This is a Most Important For SEO And Adsense CPC Generation And Make A Good Traffics Of Your Website. International Targeting Give a High Website Traffics And Google Adsense Revenue So, International Targeting Your Website is Most Important.
  6. Mobile Usability: This is Display Mobile Usability Issue Error And Problems. If Have any Error in Your Website This Detected Error. This is Affected On Your Website Rank, Solved As Possible As problem and Errors in Your Website Because seo is Dependent in Your All Tools And Algorithm.

Google Index:
 In Google Index Three Tools Are Provide a SEO Related Information's. Index Staus, Blocked Resources, Removed URL.
  1. Index Status: Index Status Provide a How Many Your Website Pages Are Indexed in Google Server. This is Give a Daily Charts Of Your Website Indexed in Google. So This is a SEO Master And Check Your Index in Google Server. You Have Download a Google Index Charts And Analysis Of Your Google Website .
  2. Blocked Resources: Blocked Resources Means How Many Your Website Pages Are Blocked by Google Algorithm. Search Engine Optimizations Are Completely Related To This All Tools So Increase Your Website Traffics in Google So Create a Google Webmaster Tools And Make a Analysis Of Your Website.
  3. Removed URL: Remove Source Of Your Website Or Specific Of Your Website Pages. This is Removed Permanently Or Temporary Of Your Sites. Some times Some Content Are Very Harmful Or Copyrighted To Other User  So, Google Algorithm Remove this URL in Search Engine.
  4. Top 5 Free SEO Optimization Tools 

  1. Crowl Errors: This Provide a Site Errors. In This Tools Give a DNS Error, Server Connectivity Errors And Robot.txt Fetch Errors. This All Are Important For Search Engine Optimizations. This Also Provide a URL Errors Of Your Website, in This Status Give a NOT Found Pages And sources in Your Website. How Many Pages Or Source Are Not Find Google Server. 
  2. Crowl Status: Crowl Status Provide a Last 90 Days Activity Of Your Website Crowling. In This Crowl Pages crawled per day, Kilobytes downloaded per day and Time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds). Crowl Give a High, Average And Low Priority Of Your Website Analysis.
  3. Robots.txt Tester: Robot File is a Most Important For Your Website Accessibility. Like If You Want To Not Allow Some Pages Or Folder For Crowl in Google Algorithm Then You Denied This Pages Or Folder in Robots.txt File. robots.txt file is nothing but give a allow Or Disallow Of Your Website Contenet. For SEO Purpose This is a most Important For The Access Of Your Website. 
  4. Sitemaps: Sitemaps Means Blueprints Or Path Of Your Website Or Blogs. Sitemaps is a Most Important For The Search Engine Optimizations Purpose. If You have Not Know How To Make a Sitemap Of Your Website, Then there are Lots Os Online Tools For Make a Sitemap Of Your Websites Or Blogs.

This All Information Are Very Important For Create a Best SEO For Your Website Or Blogs, Search Engine Optimizations is Very Important For Your Website Traffics. I Have Found a Top 10 SEO Tips For Increase Your Website Traffics.If Your Website Traffics is Good Then Your Google Adsense Revenue is High. If You Want To How To Increase Your Adsense CPC ?


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