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Monday, 3 July 2017

5 steps to create and sell an eBook on your website

If you are the good content writer then you can make money through publishing Your E-books. In the world, there are many online publishing tools or website that give the best platform for published your E-books online. There are many things are affected on how to write E-books?, which is the best topics?, formatting of text, the layout of text and papers size etc are so many things are related to publishing your E-books. Everyone has something they’re passionate about and have some expertise in Music, Business, Teaching, Recipe, Traveling Etc.

If you have an online following and some information about online marketplace then you can be published and sell your books online. You can sell your E-books on Amazon, Payhip and More but you should also be direct sell your E-books on your own website. 

5 steps to create and sell an eBook on your website

Step 1: Creating Your E-book

# Select Your Topics:

Ask Question Yourself, Which Subject is Strong For Us? The Topics Selection is One Of The Most Important For Write Your E-books. There are many subjects available in the world. For Example, Technology, Making Recipes, Tutorials For All Subjects, Educational Books, Make Money Online, Google Developer Tutorials, YouTube Tutorials Etc.

# Choose Best Title:

Make the specific and creative title of your E-books. Your books will sell on your book's title so, create an attractive and short title. i.e "How I Make Money $10,000/Month" is the best title for your books; easily called "How To Make Money" this is not Interesting and creative titles. My Experience share with you I Have published an one E-book in 6 months ago the title is "Business Idea" This book was not sold in online then I have changed my book title "Business Idea" To "50 Successful Business Idea" and then daily 10 to 17 books are sell online.

# Select Writing Tools: 
Which are the best tools for writing your E-books? I have found one of the best content writing tools for you. In this tools, all the features are available for grammar checking, synonyms, idioms & phrases, antonyms,  active voice sentence, passive voice sentence, Title, Sub Title, Paragraph Margin, Total Words, Total Lines & More.

1: Hemingway App
2: Focusbooster App
3: Novlr
4: FastPencil App
5: Focus@Will

 # Write Your E-book:

Start Sharing Your Knowledge On The Papers. Write Simply & Clear Content; Serve Best Knowledge Of You Have Select Topics. Readers are want to aspect with your information are very important and knowledgeable so, give your best efforts. Readers buy your books because they want to learn how to do somethings. give your best performance and put your extraordinary impression on readers. In the content use some unique and common keywords, idioms, phrase, active voice and grammar because of readers can understand very well.

Step 2: Formatting Your Book

Keep your books look like good and interesting for readers. There are many things related to writing and formatting your content. The main is the font size of your content; most of the font size is 11 to 12 and font family is Verdana, Arial, Times New Roman is the very effective font. The paragraph is at least 5 to 14 line is most favorable and used three or four types of the heading of your books as well as use lots of short paragraphs in your E-books. Use the great and high-resolution images in your books and cover page because of your books beauty is images and formatting so, make a best and impressive design of books.  

# Best Free Images Website: 

1: Pexels
2: Gratisography
3: Unsplash

Step 3: Get Cover Page

The cover page is a key to selling your books. Most of the readers check the cover page of your E-books so, design your beautiful and amazing cover page. E-book cover page help to sell your books this fact is real. Good books cover page to attract the readers if the readers are attracted your books then increase your selling otherwise you can not sell your more books. make a professional image on your cover pages like set images related to your book topics. Write your book title in the different color than background color, as well as images, should be 280 To 320 DP.

Step 4: Proof Reading

Check your E-books before publishing because of check spelling, grammar, sentence, paragraph, heading, formatting etc. In the end of time check all the things of your books and correction of all the types of issue.  Make sure that the books are most important for your life so, create an advanced level proofreading. Don't make a mistake to give your friend or partner for proofreading.


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